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Services Saint-Hubert

As soon as you’ll step into the Cani-Felis Veterinary Hospital, you will be greeted by a smiling welcome from our technician receptionist.

She will know immediately how to make you comfortable and you will be served diligently, with cordiality and professionalism.

At Cani-Felis, we have developed a highly sophisticated post-exam and post-surgery follow-up service. Do not be surprised when you receive a phone call a few days after a surgery to get feedback on the recovery of your kitten or when you receive a letter noticing you it is time for your dog’s thyroid blood test.

Well assisted by our certified technicians, even at the reception, you will be given medical advice and explanations on any new prescription written by the veterinarian.

At Cani-Felis, we keep it clean, the smell is good, the staff is happy… this is our offer to you!

Services Saint-Hubert


By appointment: Pediatric and geriatric care, general practice, internal medicine, dermatology, orthopedic problems, targeted vaccination for each animal.

Emergencies: During opening hours and by reference to specialty centres outside our opening hours.

By appointement:

In-depth exams for adoptions

Consultations for health certificates

Vaccination certificates for traveling, microchip implantation

Dental problem examen/consultation

Examen/ Consultation for surgery problem

Feel free to ask for more information about our services.


Safe and complete on-site laboratory analysis and close collaboration with pathologists from external laboratories for biopsy analysis and interpretations by pathologists.

Serologic and Cytologic examen

Serologic Allergie Test

Efficient and immediate complet numeric radiology service

Specific exams with baryum meals

Diagnostic of the bone disorder -numeric radiology

Dental numeric radiology


Offered on site: general surgery, soft tissues surgery.

Safety: We give special care to the safety of anesthesia by a close and intelligent monitoring. Our monitoring tools include an apnea monitor, control of hypothermia, of blood oxygen levels, cardiac rhythm and blood pressure.

These parameters are vigilantly monitored by certified technicians in animal health.

Peri-surgical pain: we offer a « comfort package » to every patient for a multimodal suppression of pain caused by every surgical procedure, even minor ones.

These are the warrants for success in surgery at Cani-Felis.


At Cani-Felis, patients diagnosed with conditions requiring hospitalization are treated with love and professionalism by our team of veterinarians and technicians.

Animals are given large and modern housing spaces, in conjunction with astute and well-targeted treatments to help in the healing process.

Owners may visit their pets at anytime.

Any animal suspected of having a contagious disease is immediately placed in a section specially designed to limit the transmission of pathogens.

Ceramic housings, stainless steel doors, an isolated ventilation system, a surveillance camera, a finely tuned heating system, and a rigorously aseptic environment are all measures that help limiting the spread of contagious pathogens.


We offer a boarding service for dogs as well as cats.

Given the high demand and our limited room for boarded animals, please book a place early.

Dental medicine services

We offer a large range of dental medicine services: exams and preventive advice, prophylaxis (dental scaling) performed according to the most up-to-date techniques, extractions,  periodontal therapy (gum treatment), maxillo-facial surgery.


Whether you want an evaluation of the personality and temper of you newly acquired puppy, to better communicate with your dog, or to correct an undesirable behavior, our behavioral expert, a veterinarian, will guide and assist you in the resolution of your animal’s problem by performing a thorough physical exam.

He will give you a precise diagnostic and will devise a therapy based on exercises, accompanied or not by an appropriate medication.


It may happen that you need to resort to the humane euthanasia of your animal companion. At Cani-Felis, we proceed with the utmost respect of you and your animal.

We offer an euthanasia service, assisted or not, with individual or group cremation and the possibility of obtaining a certificate attesting that the cremation was performed.

If an individual cremation is chosen, your animal’s ashes will be returned to you in an urn. If you desire, you may even assist to the cremation.

Animal Nutrition

Our technical staff can give you sound advice for choosing the right food for the different life stages of your companion.

Our technicians have very up-to-date nutritional knowledge to guide you in medical problems where nutritional management is important: obesity, geriatric patients, diabetes, food allergies, arthritis, etc.


A large range of drugs, neutraceuticals, prebiotics and probiotics are available at the clinic.

We ensure through strict follow-ups that the drugs we prescribe are not overused or used erroneously. We carefully consider drug interactions and adverse effects.

Grooming, Cosmetic and Thérapeutic bath

We accept cats needing shearing for cases of extreme tangling in the coat. To avoid undue stress during the shearing procedure, it is normally done under sedation.

We also offer therapeutic baths for dogs and cats with dermatological problems such as skin infections or seborrhea and also cases of skunk encouter!