Cani-Felis Hospital

Located since 1976, for 40 years, in the town of Saint-Hubert, the CANI-FELIS VETERINARY HOSPITAL Inc. is a center for medical and surgical care dedicated to your pets with the familial approach.

Our team of veterinarian (DMV) and Animal Health Technologists (AHT) are available 7 days a week, very passionate and professional in their approach towards our cat and dog friends.

Chirurgie pour chat et chien Brossard
Chirurgie pour chat et chien Brossard

The Cani-Felis team is available for vaccination, adoption related examination, medical/surgical examination, second opinion, allergies, lameness and behavioral problems, nutrition etc.

Laboratory analysis such as blood test, biochemistry, hormone dosage, hepatic/renal examination, geriatric examination and urology, coprology, cytology, digital radiology services are carried out on the spot, all results are quick and accurate.

However, to save time and to minimize stress to animals, all medical examinations are done by appointment only.

A large array of pharmaceutical services is also available for required treatments.

Our team of Animal Health Technologists (AHT) is always available to advise you on the best nutrition for your furry companions.

Hospitalized animals are very carefully looked after by our competent team. We also have a kennel service for dog and cat.

Therapeutic grooming is done under supervised anesthesia.

We are “at your service for the sake of animals”, to provide you/them with high quality therapy and we guarantee a thorough and personalized medical follow up for each of our services.